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Ordering your Replacement Payslip or P60 Document is very simple, the whole process takes just a few minutes.


You can either forward the information from your e-payslips or i-payslips and we can transfer it to your new forms, or just enter a few simple details (see Replacement Payslip . fig1).


As long as you know how much you get paid we can calculate all the correct Tax, National Insurance and any other deductions from your payslips. You can use our Replacement Payslip Calculator above to check your pay.


Computer payroll systems have increased in popularity, and many employers issue email only electronic pay documents to their staff.


If you need a Printed Payslip or P60 Form for your records this may not be satisfactory.


We create Printed Payslips and P60 Year End Certificates on the correct payroll stationery, then ship same day if ordered before 4pm.


We offer competitive prices on all our documents. We do charge enough so we can take the time to ensure accuracy. We get many customer ordering from us after poor experiences with 'Cheap Payslip' providers. We don't rush and make sure everything is correct before despatch.


Our Replacement Payslip Guarantee provides peace of mind that you will receive genuine payroll documents, produced with care, and shipped to you promptly. If you are not happy with any aspect of our service we are happy to offer a full refund.


Very simple to place an order. Very quick response and delivery. Low prices.


HMRC P60 Year End Certificates are A4 forms 297 x 210mm in either Landscape or Portrait style.


There are different types for varying payroll systems all of which are approved by HMRC. We mostly use the traditional style in Landscape format.


We charge £25.00 each.


Sample Image of HMRC P60 Certificate
  • Help: What Pay Information Will I Need?

    The information required to place an order is quite straightforward and takes just a few minutes to enter. After adding the items you require to the shopping basket and selecting the 'Checkout' you will need to enter the following information.


    Your Name: On a payslip it can be any format you wish i.e. Sally James, Miss S James, S James, etc. However if ordering a P60 names need to be written in full, including any middle names.


    Your Address: The Green 'Standard Style' payslip does not have space for your home address, but all other payslip styles and the P60 do include this information.


    National Insurance (NI) Number: This would normally be shown on all documents.


    Tax Code: This is required on all documents. If you don't know, it is very likely just the standard tax code. If you had paid too little or too much tax in the past you may have a special code assigned, but would have been notified by HMRC. If this is a second job and your tax allowance is used up by your main employment your code will likely be 'BR' or possibly 'D0' if you pay higher rate


    Job Start Date: The new pay year starts every April 6th. Year to date figures are calculated from this point. If you started work after the start date you need to provide that so we can calculate correctly. If you were working there before April 6th, this is not required.


    Company Name: This is essential for all documents.


    Company Address: Optional for Payslips and space is limited on 'Plus' and 'Security' styles. If you need a longer business address choose 'Standard' or 'Prime' Payslip layouts.

    The full Company address needs to be shown for a P60.


    Works (employee) ID: This is optional on all documents. If your employer has issued a 'Work ID' or 'Employee Number' this is where you enter that.


    First Payslip Date Required: Only for payslips. This is the date of the first payslip you wish to order. If ordering more than one, all others will follow on from this date.


    Pay Period: Are you paid Weekly, every Two Weeks, Four Weeks, Monthly or have other arrangements.


    Pay Amount: The amount you receive per week, month, etc. This can be either the gross amount (before deductions) or the take home pay. We can calculate all tax and national insurance deductions from the amount you provide. If you receive different amounts each time you can add the dates and amounts in the 'Extra Info' box.


    Gross / Net: The pay amount you entered, is it Gross (Before Tax) or Net (Take home Pay).


    Pay Method: How do you receive your payment? Via Bank Transfer, BACS, Cheque, Cash, etc. This is usually shown on the payslip.


    Extra Information: You can add anything here you may think useful. If you want us to show specific tax & NI amounts, or a pension or loan deduction. If your salary is broken down by basic, commission, bonus or hours worked. If you are paid on different days of the month, week, etc.




    Employee PAYE Ref Number: (P60 Only) This will be on old copies of the P60 from the employer. If you don't have it we can often find out, but enter it if you know.


    Gender: (P60 Only) Is the person named on the document Male or Female.


    Tax Office (if known): (P60 Only) Not all styles or P60 years require this, but if you know it add the information.


    If there's anything we're not sure about when processing your order we will contact you to check, so don't be afraid to dive in.


Image of Green Prime Payslip

Our most popular Replacement Payslip is the Prime Green 100gsm paper style which shows the employee address. It also has a large company name field which can accommodate the company address.


This payslip also comes in a Blue version.


You can view our full range of Replacement Payslips on the Payslip Styles Page.


Main Image For Replacement Payslip Calculator


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Note: Our service is for contractors, employers with casual pay arrangements, or staff that need to recover genuine lost or damaged payslips, or get printed copies of email pay documents. We can not verify the information you provide and it is you that's responsible for the accuracy of that data. This is for legal purposes only, please do not enquire about fake or novelty documents, bank statements, or accounts.

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